A Combination Of Bulk Recruiting & Targeted
Hiring On A Project Basis Or Retainer Model

Talent Mapping

We strive to understand the technicalities and complexities of each project in order to identify the right candidate for each role. Our consultants begin by developing an understanding of the client’s business and recruitment-needs before embarking on the actual recruitment process. They have the capacity to fine-tune and finesse ground realities with global vision. Our alliances with international human resource leaders enable us to take on service contracts in any part of the globe and maintain the same high standards. As recruiting expert contractors we source experienced professionals for technical permanent positions at executive and management levels. THAT’S OUR PROMISE.

As recruiting expert contractors we source experienced professionals for technical permanent positions at executive and management levels.



Our aim is to be the long-term, single outsourced recruitment partner for all our client needs. We believe that an organisation needs to have a “collaborative hiring process” which can be more indicative to the company’s success. Many of our recruitment professionals have been with us for more than 10 years, helping us to build long-term relationships with our clients and candidates.We work hard in capturing resumes of great candidates with the help of our strong network, brand reputation and distinctive people management skills. Our belief in contributing the best talent and experiences to our clients stands true with the amount of detailing we put into their scrutinization. THAT’S OUR STRENGTH




Our Mobilisation team ensures all contractors and permanent staff are where they need to be, at the right time. We place employees across the globe. From actual recruitment and selection to the gamut of medical and legal processes; mobilisation takes care of all these formalities.

Our mobilisation services include:

Transitioning large numbers of contractors to client teams.

Visa and work permit administration

Domestic and international flight bookings

Medicals and inoculations

Airport Transfer




Mypru manages the payroll and tax administration for all contractors. We also process time sheets, expenses and invoices. Using a combination of both – local, international tax and legal consultants, the payment of foreign taxes, both for local country nationals and expatriates is smoothly managed. Taking the complexity out of deploying contract and permanent workers, we provide simple invoice solutions to complex assignments.


Dedicated Relationship Manager

We don’t stop at recruitment. To secure our clients requisite resources and maintain a continuous level of engagement between both parties, we have a dedicated relationship manager to cater to our clients queries or concerns that may arise. Our relationship manger will walk across all the stages from project commencement to the end, ensuring that any reports, data, information, concerns, solutions that the client needs is readily available to them.




The 4 D’s Of Deliverability: Developed.
Defined. Documented. Designed.

Developed to deliver the best.

Defined for maximum clarity.

Documented for total transparency.

Designed for client specificity.

Our procedures are of the highest standards | Our process is of the highest integrity | Our proposals are customized to suit specific client needs



Consists of in-depth analysis of position specifications, careful gathering of requirements with a focus on value and result-oriented experience, which effectively promotes company attributes and retains the most successful candidate.


Involves strategic planning for the most effective means of sourcing target candidates including extensive integration of industry resources, virtual communities, magazines and proven cold-calling approaches.


Utilizes an extensive database of candidates and companies to actively seek prospective employees from direct competitors and parallel industries located locally, regionally, or nationally.


Combines behavioural and targeted interviewing techniques to ensure clients are presented with candidates that possess all the necessary and desired skill sets, which will prove their value as potentially exceptional performers within the company.


Guarantees a smooth and seamless transition thanks to complete and honest feedback coupled with tailored advice during the entire interview process.


Consultation and negotiation of all the elements surrounding an offer. Hands-on involvement ensures that an identified candidate gets hired and stays hired.

Training Centre

We are a practical training centre focusing primarily on employable skills training and development in the following expertise: In Mozambique

Boilermaking , Pipe Fitting, Welding, Electrical, We ensure that students with essentials using a workshop environment over a period of 15 days or less. This ensures that students are able and competent to start working immediately following the course. We ensure that our students will become company assets as our workshops provides the necessary basic training whilst students are productive from day one.

Admission Requirements

No formal experience is needed. The course caters for the following: School leavers that want to specialise in one of these trades Skills improvement for individuals already working in these trades. People wanting to complete their training &test People wanting to change careers Courses should be booked at least 1 week in advance. As soon as students will receive a student number and a starting date for their course.

Job Opportunities

Individuals with Boilermaking, Welding, electrician Programming skills are very sought after in a number of Industries, and with a formal qualification individuals can choose from numerous occupations. For example: Welder: Maintenance, construction & structural Boilermaker: Maintenance, fabrication, development, construction & structural Pipe Fitter: Maintenance, fabrication, development & construction

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