Our USP Is To Locate And Recruit The Best People In The Business And Match Them With The Most Appropriate Job

Mypru Engineering and Consultants

Leading manpower consultant that recruits globally but with client specific and local needs and requirements in mind.
At Mypru Engineering and Consultants every client and every employee counts.

After all, it’s your people who make you the market leader you are and aspire to be.

We make human resources

available, suitable, renewable, sustainable, invaluable & indispensable


The Right People. The Right Match.
The Right Balance.

That’s the crux of any successful business or industry. The right people, with the right motivations, in the right combinations. At Mypru we make that happen for clients around the world. We swear by a simple motto: “Think globally, act locally.”

Our USP is to locate and recruit the best people in the business and match them with the most appropriate job.

An astute Managing Director with more than 15 Years of diversified experience in manpower planning & budgeting. Having walked the path from ground level to Managing Director with passion to excel in everything that was undertaken.

Striving to ensure that Mypru’s footprints are all over the globe is the vision which drives him. Having extensive international exposure of handling HR process and serving major construction, petrochemical, refineries, mining & allied industries across the African continent including, South Africa.

Completing his management education from UK, with a flare for people management & value building, Ajay B. Chauhan joined Mypru in 2016 and has ever since dedicated himself to grow the organisation & expand it across geographies.

He is also a member of the Board of Directors with Mypru since 2016 and has a deep understanding & commitment to the business & stakeholders.

We believe
that for every job, every task, we will be able to find an employee with the skill sets and knowledge that will precisely match the needs of the employer.
We understand
that what companies need to flourish and get ahead is not just individuals, but individuals with team-spirit.
We maintain
the highest standards of recruitment and employment. In our vocabulary, “satisfaction” is the result of a whole new concept: “resourceability”- our ability to find the right resources.
No wonder our clients swear by us. No wonder as a government-approved human resource consultant we have a global reputation for being on top.